Worker's Comp

Sometimes at work, we find ourselves in risky situations. Mistakes can happen, and when they do it is always best to stay covered. Worker's compensation covers all type of injuries or illness from a job. In many cases worker's compensation is a mandatory insurance carried by many businesses. It protects both the individual from losing income from a work-related injury and businesses from lawsuits.
Workers compensation covers many costs from work-related injuries included recovering lost-income as well as paying for medical bills. However, not all injuries can be classified as work related: self-inflicted injuries, injuries due to drug or alcohol consumption, and injuries from natural disasters are normally not considered "work related".
Worker's Comp - Deatsch Insurance - Marysville and Roseville, CA
If you are in a risky work-environment, or you have dependents, it may be especially important to have worker's compensation. Give us a call or visit us to learn more about how Deatsch Insurance can get you fully covered for any type of work-related injury.