Farm Insurance

When you own a farm, you may face a great number of issues, which is why insurance that's specific to farms is necessary in order to receive the maximum protection available. We've been offering farm insurance at Deatsch Insurance since our opening in 1961. No matter what type of farm you have, we offer a wide range of policy types to fit your every need. Farming is a risky business, which is why our insurance policies are so comprehensive. For instance, these insurance policies include barn insurance, which protects your barn and its contents from any damages that they may incur. This also holds true for any outbuildings that you utilize for farming purposes.
Farmer - Deatsch Insurance - Marysville and Roseville, CA
Farm insurance is very different from most insurance types in that it's generally a combination of both commercial and personal insurance. Thankfully, our policies accommodate both of these insurance types. If your farm requires specialty coverage, we offer many different kinds that you can make use of, such as crop insurance and even business interruption insurance for those instances when the flow of your business is affected in a manner that is out of your control.
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If you own livestock, we offer useful livestock insurance that will protect you from the loss of these animals as we understand how important they can be to the success of a farm. Our agents are highly skilled, and they have plenty of experience dealing with farms, which is why we can guide you to the right policy for your needs.